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TanTowel® Self-Tan Anti-Aging Towelettes - 15 Pack

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The multitasking towelette design to exfoliates, tans and moisturizes the face.
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TanTowel® Face tan is an all-new self-tan, anti-aging towelette designed specifically for your face.

This is a set of 15 individually wrapped Face Tan Towelettes.

Face Tan is formulated with Aloe Vera, Pro Vitamin B5, and Pentavitin® to increase skin hydration by providing a healthy-looking and long lasting sunless glow. The multitasking towelette design exfoliates, tans and moisturizes the face, providing a streak-free, flawless application. Multiple applications provide the user with the power to build a customizable color for any skin tone.

Additional Info

Additional Info

  • Exfoliate, Tan and moisturize all in one.
  • Infused with a clear self-tanning formula.
  • Works with the proteins and amino acids in your skin to produce a healthy and natural sunless tan in just a few hours.
  • Quick and even application from head to toe with no streaks, mess or fuss.

Do TanTowel towelettes expire?

Tantowel towelettes are triple heat sealed to maintain the freshness and quality of the product. Towelettes are not marked with an expiration date - they are like canned goods, as long as they are not opened, punctured and have been kept in a cool, dry environment (i.e. closet, bathroom cabinet, etc.) they are most likely still good. We recommend that they be used within 24 months, but they have lasted longer. If the product has expired, it will not harm you – it will simply not produce any color on your skin after you have applied it.

When is the best time to apply the towelettes?

It really comes down to what is most convenient for you. We recommend you shower and clean everything off of your skin just before application. Do not use any products containing oils, lotions or creams that are “leave on” and won’t wash off, or could create a barrier between your skin and the TanTowel towelette before application. It is a popular choice to use the towelettes at night right before bed - then when you wake up in the morning the development time has passed, you wake up tan and able to go about your regular morning skin routine. If you apply the towelette during the day, give yourself the 4-6 hour development time before you apply anything else to your skin (unless it is TanTowel branded product like On The Glow® or Moisture Mist) or else you might interrupt the development of you color.

Should I exfoliate before using the towelettes?

Exfoliation is not a requirement every time you use the towelettes, but we highly recommend it for a smooth application. Do exfoliate before the application if you decide to, not after. You can also use our X-Foliator® towelettes that dry instantly just before the tan application. If you are prone to dry spots on your skin, or if your skin feels a little rough, exfoliation will likely help the even distribution of your tan. Know that the drier your skin is in spots, the more formula it will try to absorb, and those spots could potentially develop darker in color as a result.

Should I moisturize before, or after using the towelettes?

TanTowel towelettes need to be applied to clean and dry skin - meaning free of any lotions, creams, make-ups or oils that leave a “film” barrier you can feel on the skin. Touch your skin, and if it feels soft and dry you should be okay to apply the towelette. We recommend using TanTowel Moisture Mist and TanTowel On The Glow® lotions after your towelette application; these have been designed to work with TanTowel self-tan development and will not inhibit the tan. We recommend that you wait 10 minutes before applying either the TanTowel Moisture Mist, or TanTowel On the Glow®. Otherwise, you need to wait 4-6 hours so as not to interrupt the tanning process.

How long do the towelettes take to dry on my skin?

The TanTowel formula dries within seconds of application. You can get dressed right away, because there is no stain or dyes - and it will not come off on your clothing.

Can I use the towelettes on my face?

Yes, Tantowel was created for both the face and body. Avoid getting the product in your eyes or mouth as best you can.

When using the towelettes, should you wash your hands periodically to prevent staining?

Yes, or If your hands are dry you can apply lotion to them before you start your application to help create a barrier - this will slow down the absorbing process, but be sure to wash your hands after application. We recommend having a moist hand towel ready; then when you are done applying your TanTowel, you can rub your palms and fingers on the moist hand towel. You can also wear latex or nitrile gloves during the majority of your application, and remove them at the end to finish with tanning the tops of your hands. When you're done it's recommended you wash your palms.

How many towelettes do I need to do an entire body application?

TanTowel® Half Body towelettes will cover approximately 1/3 to 1/2 of the average person's body. Coverage also depends on your size, height, skin dryness and porosity. TanTowel® Full Body will complete a full body (head to toe) application on an average-sized person.

Can the towelettes be re-used after application?

TanTowel towelettes will run out of the initial formula once you have opened and used them, but you don't need to throw them away. If you save them (keep in Ziploc bags or Tupperware containers if possible) we have a way in which you can re-use them until they have worn out! You can purchase our Tanning Mist® spray that works as a towelette formula re-loader, you can spritz the formula onto your dry, used towelettes to re-saturate them and re-apply without opening a fresh package. This is also a useful product if you struggle with the towelette running out of formula before you have finished applying it completely. You may also apply our Express Tan® which is similar to Tanning Mist®, but has instant color.

How long will my tan take to develop after I have applied the towelette?

Your color will take about 4-6 hours to show signs of development. Individual results vary, and your tan could continue to develop beyond the 6 hour mark for up to 24 hours.

Can I apply moisturizer after applying the towelette?

Unless you are using our specially formulated On The Glow® or Moisture Mist® products (10 minutes or so after you have applied the towelette is fine) we recommend you wait 4-6 hours for your tan to develop before applying any other moisturizers or sunscreens to your skin. Applying products over your development tan may cause streaking, or impede your color from developing successfully.

How long will my tan last once it has developed?

On average, your tan should last between 4-7 days before it fades. The duration of the tan will vary for each person, but is also dependent on factors such as how often you go to the pool, exfoliate, and could also be affected by other products you may be using, or if you are on certain medications.

What is the difference between your Classic and Plus towelettes?

TanTowel® Classic towelettes contain DHA as the main tanning agent, and we recommend this formula for those with fair to medium skin tones, or those looking for a more subtle glow. Our Plus formula towelettes contain both DHA and added ingredient Erythrulose, a color enhancer for your skin. Plus formula towelettes are recommended for those with medium to dark or olive skin tones.

Have you ever changed your formula in the towelettes?

No, although we did change the look of the packaging over the years, the formulas have remained exactly the same.

Do the towelettes leave behind any smell?

TanTowel towelettes do contain some DHA as the main tanning agent, but the amount used has been minimized - and most people notice little to no smell with this product. The smell may be more noticeable a day or 2 later, more so than the first day.

Do the towelettes contain sunscreen?

No, TanTowel towelettes do not contain sunscreen. If you are planning on going out in the sun, try to time it so your tan can develop over a 4-6 hour period before you apply your sunscreen. Tanning at night before bed can make this wait time easier to manage.

No color develops after using the towelette – What’s wrong?

If your TanTowel towelette did not produce any color for you after 24 hours, there could be a number of reasons as to why. Here are a few points to consider if you did not develop color that we seem to run into the most.

Make sure you did not have any products on that may have created a barrier on your skin before application, or during the development process - such as lotions, creams, oils etc.
Consider if you might be taking any special medications that may be impeding your ability to develop color – particularly skin-related medications
The towelette may have expired - if it is too old, had a puncture in the pouch or was left in too hot of an environment, this could cause expiration of the product
It may not work with your skin – the formula is made to work with the amino acids and proteins naturally occurring in the skin which can vary with each individual. If you have tried numerous times to tan with the towelettes and have followed all instructions properly, but it still fails to develop color, it may just be that the product doesn’t work with the chemistry of your skin. Consider trying both the Classic and the Plus formulas just to be sure, and make sure you avoid purchasing from independent online sellers like amazon.com, as there is no way to tell how old the product they are selling is.

My tan has developed unevenly – what happened?

If after you have tanned your color has developed uneven, splotchy, or streaky there could be a few reasons for that appearance.

Darkened spots of tan on the skin are usually caused by skin dryness. Dry skin will absorb more of the formula than hydrated skin and thus develop a bit darker in those areas. Try exfoliating those dry spots really well before trying again, and consider using our TanTowel® Moisture Mist or On The Glow® moisturizers to keep those spots from drying during development
If some areas of the skin remain white and other areas have tanned successfully, you have likely missed the spots that are white during your application. Try again, being sure not to miss any spots this time - if the same pattern emerges, it could possibly be the chemistry of your skin not absorbing the formula evenly

I messed up… can the tan be removed once it has developed - How?

If you accidentally tanned the palms of your hands, or an area of your skin has developed too dark, and you want to remove some of the tan, unfortunately we do not have a specific product we sell to remove it. Here are a few suggestions you can try at home that seem to have been the most effective for removing the tanner or at least lightening it up in an emergency.

Disclaimer: The following methods are only suggestions we can make based on customer experiences we have heard successfully removed unwanted tan. TanTowel is not responsible for any negative effects that may result from using these methods of tan removal.

An alcohol-infused astringent or toner can be used to help lighten unwanted tan, use with a cotton ball or other soft material to rub on the skin.
Chlorinated pools - Chlorine will fade your tan - and the concentration of the chemical, along with your own skin's chemistry - will affect the amount your skin lightens as a result. This method will be subtle.
Exfoliation - The tan will come off naturally as your skin cells shed, and exfoliation will speed the process. Be careful not to over-exfoliate.
Lemon juice + a cotton ball - similar to removing nail polish, but don't rub too hard as you may produce a noticeable mark of removed tan on your skin. Try to blend the removed tan with your intended tanned skin, and be careful about going over areas of the skin with any open cuts or blisters that might sting.
Let if fade - If none of these methods really seem to work well - we encourage you to wait it out, as it will only take a few days for your skin to lighten.

Skin TypeAging Skin, Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin
Size15 Individually Wrapped Face Tan Towelettes


Apply Face Tan as you would a TanTowel, to clean, dry skin in circular motions over your face, neck and neckline. Color begins to appear in 2-4 hours and develops for up to 24 hours.




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